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With our farm-to-table background and regardless of the nature of your business, you will be receiving premium Japanese green tea.

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All our products are harvested by hand from our three hectares of green tea fields. We carefully monitor, study, and modify the management plans to each field. This includes the use of top end organic fertilisers, the timing of harvesting, and off-season care. Furthermore, our tea leaves are processed in d:matcha's own factory. Each processing round is tweaked and customised to bring out the best qualities of the harvest.

Our tea products and confectionaries have been consistently well received by the local Japanese consumer market. Although we are the only farm-to-table company in the business, we are competent enough to actively compete with well-established Japanese tea companies. Furthermore, d:matcha's products have also been displayed in department stores such as Isetan and Kintetsu.

We have the capability and experience to repurpose and localise your desired product without compromising the authenticity and quality of the tea. In addition to our cafe in Japan, we have three successful franchises in the Philippines and our loyal tea subscribers include those residing in America and Europe. This demonstrates a universal appreciation for our tea and its unmatched quality.

Unwavering Support Right from the Start

We want to see our clients shine, and this is why we'll be there for you from Day Zero. Monthly consultations are conducted on a complimentary basis for our longterm partners or for those who need our assistance. We understand the challenges and have successfully created methods of simultaneously adapting to different markets whilst providing a truly authentic Japanese green tea experience.

You'll be in the Presence of Good Company

We've worked hard and our constant dedication to our fields ensures only the best is produced. This has granted us the privilege of partnerships with established institutions such Ogawa Coffee Kyoto/USA, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Babson College. Being their product of choice, you can rest assured that you'll only be receiving top quality tea, and products specifically tailored for you.

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As we have direct access to the farms on which our green tea is produced, we'd be more than happy to show you the fields and harvesting process from start to finish. We strongly believe such an experience also builds a strong rapport and provides a much better understanding of the products.

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