Meet The Team

  • Daiki Tanaka

    Founder / Entrepreneur

    Passion for healthy living and respect for Japan’s culture and history have driven Daiki to build a different kind of business - one that improves society and encourages others to create something new with him. Daiki and his cofounders care about producing healthy food in Japan, values that his family has instilled in him since childhood. Three goals focus the vision for d:matcha: sustaining the culture of Japanese tea farming and the environment, producing health from farm to table, and passing the passion for this culture on to a local and global audience.

  • Misato Tanaka

    Culture Enthusiast

    In the metropolis of Kyoto, Misato immersed herself not just in her undergraduate studies at Kyoto University, but also in learning the traditional tea ceremony. As she learned more, she came to love the spiritual connectedness found in sharing this cultural moment with others. Wanting others to enjoy this ceremony as much as she does, Misato is passionate about offering adaptations that invite guests from all levels of knowledge into a deeper tea experience.

  • Hiroki Aka

    Farm Production Lead / Chef

    Hiroki studied agriculture in Okinawa. He is passionate about farming. After completing his education, he worked for several farmers (vegetable farmers, tea farmers) to gains skillsets as an apprentice. Through those experiences, he has a much better understanding and knowhow about how to produce high-quality tea leaves. Hiroki is also a chef and patissier for d:matcha Kyoto Café&Kitchen. His complete knowledge about tea production and consumption allow him to produce, cook, and bake premium tea products.

  • Chisei Tanaka

    Processing Lead / Evangelist

    Chisei studied agriculture in Okinawa. He worked in the Netherlands, which is the one of most developed country in agriculture. His experience with advanced agriculture prepare him for d:matcha. After coming back to Japan, he started work for a tea farmer as an apprentice and learn more about local expertise in farming. He learns how to farm tea leaves to produce flavor palette that meets the demand of the consumers. Also he often leads the d:matcha store in the city to educate people about the intricate world of Japanese green tea, from producing tea and consuming/brewing tea properly.

  • Natsuki Shibayama

    Store Manager of Cafe & Kitchen Wazuka

    Natsuki was formerly an English teacher at a junior high school in Gifu Prefecture. After initially visiting d:matcha as a customer, and despite having zero prior knowledge on tea, Natsuki fell in love with the process of tea production and decided to join the team as a full-time staff member. She is responsible for educating customers on the methods, as well as techniques ways of brewing sencha and matcha. Natsuki is also currently learning more about traditional matcha tea ceremonies and kimono etiquette. Tea has really changed her life and she hopes it will do the same for future d:matcha customers.

  • Saki Nishiyama

    Japanese Tea Instructor

    Originally from Uji, Saki grew up in a prefecture in which tea production was always known to be an agricultural staple. After marrying, Saki and her family moved to the lovely tea farm town of Wazuka where she decided to continue pursuing her love for tea by furthering and focusing her studies on the art of tea. She also acquired a certification that qualifies her as an official Japanese tea instructor. Since then, she has been a member of the d:matcha team and hopes to spread the Wazuka’s unique tea charm to everyone who visits.

  • Ryhan M. Yazid

    Farm Production Assistant

    Previously working as a research analyst in Singapore, the bulk of Ryhan’s work was primarily centred on the use of technology within the agriculture sector. This became a key motivating factor that pushed her to experience farm work firsthand in Japan through taking up an internship with d:matcha. Officially a full time staff in 2020, Ryhan is passionate about putting the theory to work and hopes to be able to share the joy and importance of sustaining the industry. Her background as a photographer also allows her to assist the team with producing creative content.

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