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The tour with Daiki and his brother is way a lot more than their green tea or the farm - the tour itself was quite informative and very enjoyable. The most wonderful thing about this tour was that you can see and feel their passion about green tea farming, their hardwork / persistence to overcome the struggle of setting up a new farming business, and their eagerness to carry on the farming tradition. This tour is a must-do for anyone who is interested in Japanese green tea and its culture.

Wilfred | Dec 2017
Hong Kong

This was a phenomenal experience. Daiko was a gracious and knowledgeable tour guide, answering all of our tea questions and providing us with ample fun facts about both the region and the industry. The view from his organic tea farm is stunning, and the climb up will be sure to work up your appetite for he and his wife’s quaint cafe with a delicious assortment of both pastries and lunch specials. A big must for Kyōto.

Andrew | Dec 2017


Great experience hiking up the tea mountain, it was a steep climb but Daiki was careful to match our pace. We plucked tea leaves which was later cooked and brewed in delicious and interesting ways. we had a good time at the cafe after that. special mention to Daiki for being a very considerate and knowledgeable guide. Had great conversations about tea on the way. Daiki went out of the way to make it a memorable and great experience about tea.

Tay | Dec 2017


Must-do experience! Daiki was such a knowledgable and accommodating host. He met us at the train station and brought us to his cafe for a cup of tea before heading our for the hike. The hike was steep but we went at a manageable pace. After picking our tea leaves we enjoyed some refreshments back at his cafe and were able to purchase some organic teas as souvenirs. Note that the bus back to the train does not come frequently, so plan your return journey accordingly. A great local experience and a chance to view the beautiful nature of southern Kyoto!

Brendan | Jan 2018


We really recommend this experience. This is what airbnb is all about: an unique local experience! He responded very quick on his emails and the moment we arrived he was really waiting for us; a warm welcome! A true personal experience. First we got a tea to warm up before we got off to the cold tea hills (altough we had the luck of a winter day with a lot of sun). The hiking was lovely with beautiful sceneries and a nice walk in the forest. We really enjoyed the tea picking and all the personal stories of Daiki. He really loves his new way of living with the tea fields/ farm and shop. The shop is very nice with really good food with a touch of tea in the dish if you wish, liked it! Of course we couldn’t leave without buying some tea in the shop . His brother (who also is partner) lived for a while in the Netherlands, so we had a nice Dutch chat . Again, we really recommend this experience!

Ilse | Dec 2017


I arrived an hour earlier at the cafe and enjoyed some of the food on the menu for lunch before we head out to the hike within the farm. It was very good :) I was a little confused about transiting to the location from Kyoto but it was very easy after Daiki sent me an explanation! Super grateful for that! The hike was amazing and it was great conversing with Daiki about the local tea culture and learning about their vision to continue cultivating the tradition. Overall, I had an unforgettable time learning. Highly recommend!

Yi Ming | Mar 2018


Fantastic experience in a beautiful area, with a great and knowledgeable guide. Highly recommended.

Mettine | Jul 2018


Magnificent views on tea fields, learning about tea and tea picking, delicious tea drinking at the end.

Nolween | Aug 2018
San Francisco,


Very friendly and caring hosts :) super tasty tea and a wonderful landscape. I really enjoyed this experience.

Katja | Sep 2018


Excellent experience! I loved it. Countryside, beautiful places and all about Japanese tea !!!! Daiki is an amazing host!

Gabi | Nov 2018


Great tour, even better than I expected. Delicious food, knowledgeable host, amazingly beautiful countryside.

Amanda | Nov 2018


Fantastic experience! Friendly and knowledgeable hosts, and a beautiful location that we would not have seen otherwise. The tea was great, too!

Emerson | Feb 2019


Wonderful experience, beautiful landscapes. Daiki and his brother are super great hosts. Highly recommended

Sami | Apr 2019


Daiki was a great guide! We had such a nice experience going through the fields and picking green tea. Highly recommend it!

Fjodor | Apr 2019



Great experience even for those who are not interested in the tea industry. I totally recommend it!

Zuzanna | May 2019


It was an amazing experience, rich in information & eye opener. It was great to a passionate tea person. A true entrepreneur.

Ryan | Sep 2019

Saudi Arabia

Well worth the excursion from Kyoto, even in the rain. A relaxed and well organised experience with a knowledgeable host. A steep walk up to the plantation through some lovely scenery and tastings back at the cafe afterwards. The homemade cookies were excellent!

Justin | May 2018


Daiki definitely knows a lot about tea growing and tasting. Kamo is a very beautiful place but not many transportation options. Remember to follow Daiki’s instruction and take the train. I highly recommend this experience to visitors who want to know more about Japanese tea and its culture.

Luan | May 2018


This was one of our highlights of Japan. Daiki was an amazing, friendly and knowledgeable host with real passion for what he does. The tea tasting was lovely and the cookies made to a special secret recipe were to die for. We will be back.

Emily Anne |

May 2018

Stewart Island,

New Zealand

Daiki is such a good guide and he knows everything abeout green tea since he studied Agriculture at Kyoto University. We could ask him every question we had. We had a nice hike on a sunny afternoon, and part of the hike lead us through wonderful cooler Cedar woods. The view from his top tea plantage was amazing and it was really nice to see where his green tea whitout pestizide is growing.

Maude | Jun 2018


L'expérience a été au-delà de mes attentes. L'endroit est magnifique et j'ai appris beaucoup sur le thé. Daiki est très accueillant et les informations pour se rendre au site étaient claires et précises. Je recommande fortement cette expérience.

Marie-Eve | Jun 2018

Quebec City,

We had a wonderful hiking up to the hill through beautiful landscapes in Wazuka. For me as a tea enthusiast it was especially meaningful day. Daiki is extremely nice guide and host. I can warmly recommend this tea hiking to everybody who is interested in seeing amazing views and knowing how and where tea is grown and harvested in Wazuka.

Tuula | Apr 2018


We absolutely loved our hike and tour with Daiki. He explained every aspect of the tea and we got to taste it at both the cafe and on top of the mountain amongst the tea fields. A beautiful hike and a fantastic way to learn more about tea. I would recommend to anyone! Thank you Daiki!

Beatrice | Apr 2018

United Kingdom

Daiki, his brother, his wife, and all the staff at d:matcha are wonderful human beings! This experience was AMAZING! And it was fun to learn about the green tea and matcha business from them. Please take into consideration that the hike is fairly strenuous. I find myself to be a physically capable guy and it was tough. But the views are worth it! Also, go and have lunch at their cafe! And buy all the matcha! Please book this Airbnb Experience!

Stephen | Apr 2019



We had very nice little hike up to Daikis tea field, extremely beautiful views and area in general. Wish we had more time chill in his cafe or climb to the temple. Next time :)

Jaak | Apr 2018




博 | Jan 2018


Very insightful tour around the tea plantation! Learn so many things about tea, got to appreciate the special taste of matcha.

Muhd | Sep 2019


Amazing experience, it was incredible to see the tea fields, taste teas and learn about the local history.

Anastasia | Sep 2019
South Wharf,


Una experiencia muy padre, el probar y aprender sobre los tipos de té, es excepcional.

Hiromi | Nov 2019



Sehr interessante Tour, gute Einblicke in den Teeanbau. Daiki ist ein sehr freundlicher Gastgeber

Matthias | Nov 2019


Definitely worth the trip, super informative and absolutely a gorgeous place. Daiki was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Sumi | Dec 2019
White Rock,


Hands-down one of the best experience my boyfriend and I had in Japan! The whole experience was lovely. We took a train and then a bus to get to the location. The Daiki was there to greet us at his tea cafe. The place was beautiful! From there, he drove us up a hill and then we got out and started hiking up to his tea farm. We took frequent breaks and when we did he informed us all about how tea is harvested and the different techniques farmers do to get the tea leaves. This hike is not an easy one! It is a steep uphill battle for about 30 minutes. Once you reach the top, it is so worth it! The view was stunning and he had some iced sen-cha tea for us to enjoy which was so refreshing! Then we began to pick our tea leaves for the tempura. After that, we made our way down the hill to his car where he drove us back to the cafe. From that point on is was relaxation central! We enjoyed two separate tea tasting: one matcha and one sen-cha. They also served us some green tea and some hojicha cookies which were delicious! After that we bought so many things in the shop. The staff was so friendly and this experience was so unique and special. We would highly recommend doing this experience for anyone who plans on visiting Japan!

Diana | Jun 2018
California, USA

We enjoyed this experience very much. The Wazuka area is gorgeous and going up to see the tea plantations was fascinating (even though it was absurdly hot on the day we went). Not only is it interesting to see how the tea is grown, but seeing the narrow roads and houses on the hillside leading up to the tea plantations is fascinating in itself. Daiki was friendly and knowledgeable and spoke excellent English, which meant he was willing and able to answer all our questions. And when we came down to the car again, we enjoyed some cold-brew tea he had made while walking, which both tasted and felt amazing. The tea tasting afterward was also great. We enjoyed experiencing for ourselves the differences between the various types of tea (different processing, like sencha and houjicha) and the varietals of tea plants grown in Wazuka. We ended up buying lots of tea before leaving, well knowing that the quality is really good. All in all a great day out, which we recommend for anyone.

Sigve Reiersten | Jul 2018

Tromsø, Norway

In two words: Worth it! This experience was truly amazing! Daiki is super knowledgeable and a wonderful host. The hike to the tea field is unforgettable. All I will say is if you’re out of shape be prepared to exert yourself, bring hiking boots, and know that the reward of the view once on top is truly worth it. Rural Japan is breathtaking. The experience you get here is one of a kind. The pictures you take and the adventure it entails is like no other! If you’re looking for off the beaten path, this is it! Once our hike was completed, we did the tea tasting. The staff at the cafe were so welcoming! Our tasting consisted of three Sencha and three Matcha varietals. We learned how to properly steep for desired flavors and how to whisk the matcha! It was so much fun. I would like to thank Daiki and his staff for accommodating our group and for the wonderful day. I am allergic to nuts and the staff made sure to find out what all the ingredients were and made recommendations and substitutions accordingly. I was so pleased that I didn’t have to miss out on eating the yummy food at the cafe and from having a traditional Japanese treat with the tea tasting. Arigatou Gozaimas!

Evelyn | Sep 2018

Our walk in the tea farm and talking to Daiki and his colleagues about tea in Japan was one of the highlights of my first trip to Japan. It was a clear afternoon when we hiked up through the tea farm so we had an excellent view of all the surrounding areas and mountains. I was able to get a lot of beautiful pictures. At the top we picked some young tea leaves which were made into tempura for us to try back at the shop, which was very unique. It was great to try all the different types of Sencha and matcha, all of which I had never tasted, and talk to the other people working at the shop. Overall a great experience!

Chaitra | Sep 2018
Oxford, UK

This farm is an easy journey from Kyoto - about an hour train ride, and then a 30minute bus ride. The young farmers own a cafe, D:matcha where they are doing the farm-to-table model - but with their tea! We enjoyed an incredible curry with a matcha wasabi sauce and I fell in love with their tea cookies made from matcha and sencha. This tour is their foray into agrotourism - we enjoyed a guided hike up into the mountains, picking some young tea leaves, enjoying a tea tasting of the different teas we saw along the way, and then made a delicious tea leaf tempura made from the leaves we harvested. This is a unique experience that really gets to the 'roots' of Japanese tea culture. If you have to choose between tea ceremony or this. Pick this. A really enjoyable day for my whole family and one that stands out as one of the most memorable.

Audra | 2013


As a tea lover this was an absolutely amazing experience. Highly, highly, recommended. Be aware that it is a very intense hike up a mountain to where you pick the tea leaves and we went on a very hot day, so it was pretty tough, but it was 100% worth it for the views and experience of picking our own tea leaves! We made tempura out of our leaves back at the cafe and tried different kinds of Sen-cha and Matcha. It was so good that we bought some bags to take home with us! We also had lunch at the cafe before hand, and the food was delicious!

Jeff | 2018

Arlington, USA

Expect a wonderful time with Daiki & his family, the hike to his organic tea farm on top of the mountain and an introduction in the very diverse world of tea including tea leave picking and tasting. Daiki is an international oriented and kind hearted person. He really knew a lot of the tea business and the local surroundings, which made the trip even more interesting for us. As we learned from him, on our own accord, while having a great hike and tasting. We took the afternoon slot , so we could combine it with Nara in the morning. A great combination and experience. I would recommend it to all as a day trip from Kyoto or Osaka.

Thomas | Aug 2018
Frankfurt, Germany

Daiki was a very welcoming, kind, and knowledgeable host. We started our experience at his cafe, which is stylish and serves excellent tea. Then we got to hike up to his tea fields and learn all about the process of growing and making tea. Daiki speaks excellent English, gave detailed explanations, and patiently answered all our questions. At his fields we got to pick tea leaves ourselves (my favorite part). When we returned to his cafe, we enjoyed several kinds of tea including Matcha, Sencha, and Houjicha. Daiki and his wife are kind people; we really felt welcomed by them. And after learning all about tea and how much work goes into making it, we have a new appreciation and respect for tea farmers. Thank you Daiki! It was a very insightful and fun experience. :)

Mitchell | Sep 2018



First off, I will say that this was my highlight of my entire trip to Japan, I did lots of other activities and this was easily the best! As you have seen others say in the comments, The views are amazing and worth the hike up the mountain. He will definitely answer all of your questions as he knows quite a lot about the farms and the whole area. Even on a steep hike, he makes you feel quite safe and comfortable on the hike, and is patient. I ALMOST didn't bring my hiking boots but I am glad that I did! I do recommend to bring them, considering there are tons of rocks and sticks and bugs that would easily get inside your shoes, or hurt your feet, and at the top when you pick the tea, you have to pick it down a steep, dirt slope that may be challenging for some without good shoes. But if you do it with normal tennis shoes, you'll still be ok, just might be harder for you in the long run. The Café where He and his wife are operating, is great and very welcoming. The general area around there is just beautiful to look at (Honestly I would live there myself!) And of course to top it all off, the Tea leaf Tempura and Tea tasting was delicious! Pleaseeee try this if you have a chance while in Japan! ^_^

Chris | Aug 2018

Los Angeles, USA

Even though it was raining, Daiki adjusted the plan so that we'd still have a good day. We did do some tea picking and when to see some tea fields and then ended up spending a good bit of time learning about how green tea is processed at his café. Daiki was very communicative beforehand, arranged a different route when heavy rains caused a train line to stop working, and made what could have been difficult quite smooth. He's super knowledgeable, which was easily noticeable because of his excellent English. All in all, a really nice tour!

Eli | 2012
Sann Francisco, USA

We highly recommend the tea picking and hiking. We had such a relaxing time in Wazuka. The hike through the tea fields was fantastic. Daiki really cares about his customers. Arrived at the top, he offered a glas of cold brew tea and we could pick our own fresh tea leaves, which we ate later as tempura. The cafe is such a lovely peaceful place with an awesome view on the tea and rice fields. We also had lunch and matcha latte there, which tastes delicious. We had really nice wheater, but he told us that he also could offer alternatives during bad weather.

Glücks | Jul 2018


We had a wonderful afternoon at Wazuka area !!! Daiki & his wife’s cafe is very nice and welcoming, providing a beautiful view on tea fields Daiki-san is a very kind and interesting person. He provided us many details about Sencha culture. 1.5km hike to his organic Sencha field enabled us to enjoy beautiful countryside. Picking Sencha leaves in order to make tempura was an original and very tasty experience Finally, tasting tea leaves tempura, different Sencha and Matcha was a rich and enjoyable experience ! Big thanks to Daiki-san

Raoul | Aug 2018

Le Plessis-Robinson,