Tea Business School

for Tea Entrepreneurs

Tea business school for tea entrepreneurs
  • Introduction

    • Entrepreneurship plays an essential role in introducing quality tea and tea culture to the world by honouring the authenticity of the processes, as well as through the designing of new crafts and services.
      This course is dedicated to customers around the world as we believe the success of individual business owners, in their respective markets, is important. As a startup, d:matcha has been working through various challenges to change and create a more well-structured Japanese tea industry to be similar to the wine industry. Furthermore, we have also been deploying environmentally friendly/sustainable farming methods, and are testing new solutions to tackle our society’s rising aging population. Through this business school, we hope to create a worldwide network and will provide our support to ensure the success of each entrepreneur who comes our way.   

  • Target
    People who plan to start or are already running a tea house, tea shop, café, and/or sweets shop.
    ※Not for tea producers.

  • Objective 

    • Business focus

    • Practical knowledge / Method of sourcing high quality tea / Means of developing new products / Hands on tea store operation experience / Internship with the cafe, kitchen, and tea plantations

    • On-site exposure

    • Networking Session /d:matcha family d:matcha team will support your business success even after the course

Daiki (Lead Coach) 
Earned a BA in Agricultural Management from Kyoto University and an MBA from Babson College 
Worked for Booz Allen Tokyo and was the youngest senior consultant to be promoted
CEO of Doughnut Plant Tokyo and turned the company around for three consecutive years 
Founded D-matcha CO., LTD. in 2016 

  • Period : 4days
  • Price : 110,000yen (lunch and tax incuded)
    • If you cancel more than 30 days before the tour date or within 24 hour after the booking, you will get a full refund.Otherwise, we won't be able to give you a refund.​
  • Capacity : 5 people
  • Accommodation
    1. Wazuka-so (hotel)  http://wazukaso.com/English/ 
        12,000JPY (including breakfast and dinner) / per person, per night, shared room*/
        *If you want a private room, you need to pay additional cost.

    2. Share house
        2,000JPY / per person, per night
  • Internship
    Students are strongly encouraged to participate in an internship with d:matcha either before or after the 4-day course
    We recommend at least a week’s internship for a full learning experience
    During the internship, we will also have the capacity to introduce tea ceremony masters or pottery studios to students, depending on their needs or area of focus

d:matcha staff harvesting tea from their green tea farm in Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan


9:00~12:00 Different areas for Japanese tea production

Assessing the impact area of cultivation has on the tea


13:00~15:00 Tea field learning

15:00~17:00 Tea processing (aracha)

d:matcha, also an Japan tea supplier, checking the quality of their organic tea leaves harvested.


9:00~11:30 Tea processing (seicha)

12:30~16:00 Product development

  • Brainstorming and developing new products

  • Experience contents

Organic tea leaves from the tea farms in Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan


9:00~12:00 In-depth discussion on the tea business

d:matcha’s Story

How d:matcha was founded

The challenges faced during the process of running d:matcha


Marketing (group work) 

Price, Promotion, Placement

Determining the location of the stores

12:00~ Lunch party

Learning how to brew matcha and other types of green tea from Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan


Cafe operations 

Teamwork / Behind the scenes of keeping the cafe running

Work in the tea field  

Hands on exposure on the tea farms


Processing of tea leaves  

Onsite visit to sencha and tencha factories  

Production of genmaicha, matcha, and houjicha

Product development  

Brainstorming and baking of matcha sweets

Details to take note of when treating matcha for confectionery production

Ways to preserve the quality of sencha and matcha


A sencha tasting set of the different cultivars of green tea available in d:matcha Kyoto, Japan.


9:00 ~ 10:00 Introduction

10:00~12:00 Overview of tea and Japanese green tea

  • Various types of tea found around the world

  • The history of tea (origin)

  • Production methods
    (yearly farming schedule, types of fertilizers used)

  • Different varitions of Japanese green tea

13:00~14:30 Steps for brewing the tea

  • Brewing different varitions of Japanese green tea

  • Teaware 

  • Tea ceremony (“The Way of Tea”)

14:50~17:00 Recognising good sencha and matcha

  • Differientiating between commercial tea and speciality tea  

d:matcha directory

Email: info@dmatcha.com

Tel: +81-774-74-8205


Wazuka Cafe:

Most days: 11am - 4pm

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