Tea Business School Curriculum


9:00~12:00 Different areas for Japanese tea production

  • Assessing the impact area of cultivation has on tea


13:00~15:00 Tea field learning

  • First hand experience with farm work on our green tea fields

15:00~17:00 Tea processing (Aracha)

  • Working in our tea factory to better understand the different processing steps


9:00~11:30 Tea Processing (Seicha)

  • Learning a different processing method

12:30~16:00 Product Development

  • Brainstorming and developing new products

  • Hash out business strategies for the desired market


9:00~12:00 In-depth Discussion on the Tea Business

  • d:matcha’s Story

  • How d:matcha was founded and the challenges faced during the process of running d:matcha

  • Marketing (group work

  • Price, Promotion, Placement

  • Determining the location of the stores

12:00~ Lunch party


Cafe Operations 

  • Teamwork / Behind the scenes of running a cafe

Tea Field Experience

  • Hands on exposure on the tea farms


Processing of Tea Leaves

  • Onsite visit to Sencha and Tencha factories  

  • Production of Genmaicha, Matcha, and Houjicha

Product Development 

  • Brainstorming and baking of Matcha sweets

  • Details to take note of when using Matcha for confectionery production

  • Methods of preserve the quality of Sencha and Matcha


9:00 ~ 10:00 Introduction

10:00~12:00  Discovering Tea and Japanese green tea

  • Various types of tea found around the world

  • The history of tea (origin)

  • Production methods
    (yearly farming schedule, types of fertilizers used)

  • Different variations of Japanese green tea

13:00~14:30 Brewing Methods

  • Brewing different variations of Japanese green tea

  • Teaware 

  • Tea ceremony (“The Way of Tea”)

14:50~17:00 Identifying Quality Sencha and Matcha

  • Differentiating commercial tea and speciality tea