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Trilogy Set - Yabukita

Trilogy Set - Yabukita


In this special Trilogy Set, experience the unique depth of our pesticide-free sencha yabukita over the years. In this set you will receive the following:

  • 2019 Sencha Yabukita x 1
  • 2020 Sencha Yabukita x 1
  • 2021 Sencha Yabukita x 1


If what you're looking for is yabukita's signature fresh aroma, a visually pleasingly vibrant green, and a truly Japanese umami taste; this is the sencha for you. The tea leaves from each year are harvested from the same tea field.




Yubune is located in the northest region of Wazuka Town. The mountanious terrain makes the weather 3℃ cooler than the centre of Wazuka, which causes the harvested tea to possess a much sweeter taste. These fields are also organic and pesticide-free.


Yubune is also a popular location for tea production as this area was formerly the main production site for competition-grade tea. The soil in the area is rich with nutrients, evident from the 500-year-old cedar trees that grace the borders of our tea fields.


The First Flush, usually in Spring, is also known as the first harvest of the season. Only the youngest and most tender shoots are harvested. We hope you feel the tranquility of Wazuka with each sip.

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