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Sencha: Yabukita Harayama Wazuka 2019 First Flush

Sencha: Yabukita Harayama Wazuka 2019 First Flush


40 g / 1.41 oz
contains 10 servings


It locates at the hill of Mt, Jubu (400m). Mt. Jubu is the origin of the tea in Wazuka more than 800 years ago. Most farmers said the quality of the soil in Harayama is the best all Wazuka.

★Tea Leaves 

To enjoy the aroma of the soil and the fog the most, we produce tea naturally. (without any pesticide and fertirizer). It requires us a lot of works(ex.. weeding) and grows small and limited amount of tea. As a return, it has the unique and distinguish floral aroma. 

Yabukita sencha is a pesticide-free product. The sencha tea leaves are plucked in the First Flush (first harvest of the year) in Wazuka, Kyoto. The tea leaves are not covered.

Yabukita is the most popular tea variety in Japan, accounting for ~75% of the tea production in the country.

Sencha Production Process:
After harvesting the specific tea leaves, the leaves are immediately steamed and dried to prevent them from getting fermented/oxidized (which would turn the tea into black tea). The dried tea leaves are rolled into tight twists to reduce moisture in the tea leaves to produce the final loose-leaf tea product.


Caffeine: 12 mg
Catechin/Theanin: 0.042 g
Vitamin C: 3.6 mg
(per serving)

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