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Sencha tea bag comparison set

Sencha tea bag comparison set


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A specially curated sencha tea bag series from d:matcha. Take your time to indulge in and compare the different cultivated varities of green tea. Enjoy authenthic Japanese green tea even if you don't have a kyusu!


Cultivar: Yabukita

The most popular variety, which accounts for approximately 75% of tea produced in Japan. Enjoy a refereshing aroma and astringency.


Cultivar: Okumidori
One of our best-sellers here at d:matcha, Okumidori is known for its well-balanced and delicious flavour profile. 


Cultivar: Gokou
Native to Kyoto Prefecture, our Gokou tea fields undergo a shading process before the young tea shoots are harvested. This allows you to indulge in a brew that has a complex umami and addictive aroma.


Each set contains:

  • Sencha Yabukita (5 x tea bags)
  • Sencha Okumidori (5 x tea bags)
  • Sencha Gokou (5 x tea bags)


Please note that the different cultivars will not be sold individually.

Yubune is located in the northest region of Wazuka Town. The mountanious terrain makes the weather 3℃ cooler than the centre of Wazuka, which causes the harvested tea to possess a much sweeter taste. These fields are also organic and pesticide-free.

Yubune is also a popular location for tea production as this area was formerly the main production site for competition-grade tea. The soil in the area is rich with nutrients, evident from the 500-year-old cedar trees that grace the borders of our tea fields.