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Matcha for Latte

Matcha for Latte


60 g / 2.12 oz
contains 15 servings

This matcha is made uniquely for making matcha latte. This product blends well with the naturally sweet flavor of milk to create a smooth and rich flavor of matcha latte. It is a second flush matcha, combining Okumidori and other varieties. The tea buds are covered for 22 days. This matcha is produced and processed in Wazuka, Kyoto.

Matcha Production Process:
For our matcha, we harvest our own tea leaves from Wazuka, Kyoto. From harvest, we immediately steam and dry the tea leaves to prevent the leaves from getting fermented/oxidized. We then remove the stems and the veins and grind the dried leaves (called Tencha) into fine matcha powder.


Ingredients: matcha, white sugar


Caffeine: 64 mg
Catechin/Theanine: 0.2 g
Vitamin C: 1.2 mg
(per serving)