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Japanese Green Tea (Practical Textbook)

Japanese Green Tea (Practical Textbook)


Each order of the physical copy will come with a complimentary 40g of sencha specially selected by Daiki Tanaka. 


Motivated by his interactions with his customers, Daiki Tanaka decided to pen his knowledge to paper. In the first edition of "Japanese Green Tea (Practical Textbook)" readers will be introduced to the intracies of tea farming and production. Not only does the book take a deep dive into different tea farming practices, but it also introduces the various aspects of Japanese sencha that have till now only been available in Japanese.



  • Japanese 
  • English


Contents include:

  • Brewing methods
  • Tea processing
  • Discerning and producing quality tea
  • Health benefits of Japanese green tea
  • Product development


Please note that an e-book version of the book is also available on Amazon.




Founded in 2016, D:matcha Co., Ltd. is based in Wazuka Town, Kyoto Prefecture, which is also one of the main production sites of Uji Tea. With approximately three hectares of tea plantations, the d:matcha team oversees every step of the process from tea cultivation to tea confectionery production. D:matcha also operates a restaurant and cafe, serving dishes centred on tea, as well as tea sweets and desserts. Their sencha and matcha have also been exported to more than 40 countries around the world.

The text was first written in Japanese by Daiki Tanaka and subsequently translated into English by Ryhan, a native English speaker. Both Daiki and Ryhan worked together to put forward the most accurate translations, especially with regard to the nuances and words frequently used by tea farmers. This body of text is thus composed of Daiki Tanaka’s in-depth expertise on tea, both in Japanese and English; as well as Ryhan’s experience as a Farm Production Assistant at d:matcha.

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