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Houjicha - Eco Teabag

Houjicha - Eco Teabag


4g x 16 eco-teabags

[Please note that this product is sold in the form of teabags.]



Houjicha is roasted green tea. By roasting the green tea, the caffeine content is lower in houjicha. Therefore, Japanese people commonly drink houjicha at night. Our houjicha is produced and processed in Wazuka, Kyoto.

Houjicha Production Process:
After harvesting the specific tea leaves, the leaves are immediately steamed and dried to prevent them from getting fermented/oxidized (which would turn the tea into black tea). The dried tea leaves are roasted at appropriate temperature and time to obtain the perfect aroma and taste of houjicha.


Caffeine: 12 mg
Catechin/Theanin: 0.024 g
Vitamin C: 0 mg
(per serving)