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2020 Sencha First Flush: Yabukita - Somada

2020 Sencha First Flush: Yabukita - Somada


40 g / 1.41 oz
Approximately 10 servings


On the 8th of May we harvested our Sencha for 2020 from our tea fields in Somada, Wazuka, Kyoto. Somada is located in the Shirasu area, which is to the South of Wazuka. Due to the wide open terrain and strong sunlight, we focus on only harvesting the upper most young shoots. There is little bitterness and a strong taste of umami present.


If what you're looking for is Yabukita's signature fresh aroma, a visually pleasingly vibrant green, and a truly Japanese umami taste; this is the Sencha for you. Feel the calmness of Wazuka with each sip.