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2021 Sencha First Flush: Okumidori - Yubune Hakusan Shrine

2021 Sencha First Flush: Okumidori - Yubune Hakusan Shrine


Cultivated variety: Okumidori

Shading period: 7 days


On the 10th of May we harvested our sencha Okumidori for 2021 from our organic tea fields in Yubune Hakusan Shrine, Wazuka, Kyoto.


Okumidori is known to possess a well balanced taste of umami and bitterness. The natural sweetness of this variety is further emphasised by its deep jade green color when brewed. To create this unique flavour profile, these Okumidori tea trees were covered for 7 days.


About Yubune


Yubune is located in the northest region of Wazuka. The mountanious terrain makes the weather 3℃ cooler than in central Wazuka, which causes the harvested tea to possess a much sweeter taste. These fields are also organic and pesticide-free.


Yubune is also a popular location for tea production as this area was formerly the main production site for competition-grade tea. The soil in the area is rich with nutrients, evident from the 500-year-old cedar trees that grace the borders of our tea fields.

40 g / 1.41 oz
Approximately 10 servings