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2021 Sencha First Flush: Okumidori - Somada

2021 Sencha First Flush: Okumidori - Somada


Cultivated variety: Okumidori

Shading period: 0-16 days


Harvested from our Somada fields in Wazuka, our Okumidori is known to possess a flavour profile that is perfectly balanced between umami and bitterness. The natural sweetness of this variety is further emphasised by its deep jade green color when brewed. 


This year however, due to the extreme frost, we consiously decieded to stagger the shading process according to the growth speed of the tea shoots. The unique flavour profile crafted is a result of shading these young tea shoots for a period of 0 to 16 days.


If you've previously enjoyed our Okumidori as a Matcha, we're pleased to let you know that even as sencha, the smooth yet keen umami is bound to hypnotise you.

40 g / 1.41 oz
Approximately 10 servings