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2021 Sencha First Flush: Okumidori - 13 days shaded

2021 Sencha First Flush: Okumidori - 13 days shaded


Cultivated variety: Okumidori

Shading period: 13 days


Our okumidori (shaded for 13 days) is a brew with a soothing ambrosial aroma that is accompanied by a deep umami taste. The tea leaves were also sent for seicha processing, in which any stray stems or impurities were removed. Further refining the flavour of the brew.


This particular okumidori field is also located in the heart of Yubune, in area known as “Mukaide.” Previously occupied by old cedar trees, a clearing was made to create space for the tea plantation. With direct exposure to sunlight during the day, and sufficient shade from neighbouring Gonose, this field is extremely ideal for the production of shaded tea and tencha. 

40 g / 1.41 oz
Approximately 10 servings (Each serving can be brewed up to three times using different temperatures)