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2021 Sencha First Flush: Oiwase - Koya

2021 Sencha First Flush: Oiwase - Koya


Cultivated variety: Oiwase

Shading period: 10 days


Harvested from the tea fields in Koya, this is the first year the Oiwase cultivar is available at d:matcha! Located in the western region of Wazuka, this tea was produced in conjuction with our Young Farmers' Project.


Originally from Shizuoka Prefecture, Oiwase is known for its fragrant and invigorating taste. Despite the frost being extremely severe this year, the aroma and signature taste of the brew is still distinct. Indulge in a new variety this 2021!


D:matcha's Young Farmers' Project aims to support fellow young farmers in Wazuka Town. By highlighting each farmers' different and unique strengths, we hope that our customers will also be exposed to a new side of Japanese green tea. 

40 g / 1.41 oz
Approximately 10 servings