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2020 Sencha First Flush: Yabukita - Harayama

2020 Sencha First Flush: Yabukita - Harayama


40 g / 1.41 oz
Approximately 10 servings


On the 11th of May we harvested our Sencha for 2020 from our organic tea fields in Harayama. 400m above sea-level, Harayama is located on Mount Jubu, in the eastern region of Wazuka. This area is also where tea originated in Wazuka 800 years ago.


The extremly mountanious terrain makes harvesting from these fields a challenge even for the most experienced farmers. Local farmers however, have all unanimously said that the soil here is the most ideal for tea cultivation. The steep slopes also mean the tea trees are not affected by frost and the roots of the tea trees grow deep, absorbing plenty of nutrients from the soil. This results is an organic brew with a strong bitterness, moderate umami taste, and a sweet flowery aroma.


Watch a video on our Sencha Yabukita at Haramaya harvesting process here.


If what you're looking for is Yabukita's signature fresh aroma, a visually pleasingly vibrant green, and a truly Japanese umami taste; this is the Sencha for you. Feel the calmness of Wazuka with each sip.