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2020 Sencha First Flush: Sencha Yabukita - 14 days shaded

2020 Sencha First Flush: Sencha Yabukita - 14 days shaded


40 g / 1.41 oz
Approximately 10 servings


This particular Yabukita field, in Yubune, is located alongside the bank of Wazuka River.


Shaded tea produced from this field is easily recognisable due to its distinct umami taste and elegant green colour. These qualities are heavily attributed to the sandy properties of the field, a rarity in Wazuka, which is well known for its mountainous characteristics. With a good natural irrigation system in place, the roots of the trees experience less stress and thus grow in abundance.


While the tea leaves in this plantation may be thinner, they also grow more readily and are greener due to the wealth of chlorophyll. Furthermore an amino acid known as “Theanine” (one of the main components that affect the taste of tea), is synthesised more rapidly in the roots. All of these factors thus blend together to ultimately produce extremely ideal conditions for the production of shaded tea.


To further emphasise the charm of our shaded tea, d:matcha works closely with wholesalers during the processing phase. After the tea leaves are harvested, rolled, and dried, any excess stem or powder is carefully extracted. The tea leaves are also gently heated again, but not to the point of roasting, to further highlight the tea’s aroma and taste.