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2020 Sencha First Flush: Sencha Okumidori - 25 days shaded

2020 Sencha First Flush: Sencha Okumidori - 25 days shaded


40 g / 1.41 oz
Approximately 10 servings


To increase the number of tea varieties available, we decided to cover these tea trees for 25 days, which is significantly longer than most shaded tea. Yubune however, has a much lower daily average temperature as compared to central Wazuka. Thus the tea plantations are able to cope with longer periods of shading, without the young shoots growing too big and tough. These tea leaves were harvested from the same field our Okumidori - Shaded for 18 Days was produced in.


This Okumidori field is located in the heart of Yubune, in area known as “Mukaide.” Previously occupied by old cedar trees, a clearing was made to create space for the tea plantation. With direct exposure to sunlight during the day, and sufficient shade from neighbouring Gonose, this field is extremely ideal for the production of kabusecha (shaded tea) or tencha.


Together with our wholesalers, we tailored our processing to fit the characteristics of the tea leaves by exercising a slightly deeper steaming method. This has resulted in a shaded tea that is extremely fragrant, and possess a different flavour profile from the “Okumidori - Shaded for 18 days”.


We hope that enjoy a different, unique side of Kyoto tea with this brew.


To further emphasise the charm of our shaded tea, d:matcha works closely with wholesalers during the processing phase. After the tea leaves are harvested, rolled, and dried, any excess stem or powder is carefully extracted. The tea leaves are also gently heated again, but not to the point of roasting, to further highlight the aroma and taste.