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2019 First Flush: Sencha Gokou

2019 First Flush: Sencha Gokou


40 g / 1.41 oz
contains 10 servings

Gokou sencha tea leaves are plucked in the First Flush (first harvest of the year) in Wazuka, Kyoto. There is a short harvesting period for this variety to obtain the best flavor. It is grown with organic bean-based fertilizers. The tea leaves are covered for 14 days.

Sencha Production Process:
After harvesting the specific tea leaves, the leaves are immediately steamed and dried to prevent them from getting fermented/oxidized (which would turn the tea into black tea). The dried tea leaves are rolled into tight twists to reduce moisture in the tea leaves to produce the final loose-leaf tea product.


Caffeine: 12 mg
Catechin/Theanin: 0.042 g
Vitamin C: 3.6 mg
(per serving)