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2021 Adopt-a-tea-tree bundle

2021 Adopt-a-tea-tree bundle


Expected shipment date: Mid-Jue 2021 onwards


In this special special, in addition to adopting one of our organically grown tea trees you will also receive:



Sencha from the 2021 harvest

  • 2021 Sencha yabukita x 1
  • 2021 Sencha okumidori x 1
  • 2021 Sencha gokou x 1


Sencha from our 2020 harvest

  • 2020 Sencha yabukita x 1
  • 2020 Sencha okumidori x 1
  • 2020 Sencha gokou x 1


All of our adopters' will receive a special charm or お守り (omamori), which is said to bring good luck!

  • Please note that this is a pre-order item. 
  • Standard shipping fees are still applicable.
  • Any other items ordered together will be shipped out at the same time.