Recipe: Vegan Uji matcha tiramisu

Vegan Uji matcha tiramisu

A special d:matcha beau-tea sweets feature by Natsuki.



This is Natsuki and I've recently been researching on ways to incorporate matcha into my beauty routine! This section will thus feature sweets that not only have matcha as an ingredient, but are also delicious and good for your health~

Today's dessert is: Vegan Uji matcha tiramisu! Made primarily with tofu and avocado, the recipe is easy and can be completed in 30 minutes. Furthermore as eggs, milk, and cheese are not used, this tiramisu is ideal for those who are vegan or calorie conscious. o(*^▽^*)o

What is "vegan" and is it delicious?

Those who follow a vegan diet typically do not consume any meat, dairy products, eggs, or products that are sourced from animals. Much like those who follow a vegetarian diet, vegans have a primarily vegetable-based diet.

The term vegan was first coined 70 years ago with the aim of improving the food industry, especially when it came to livestock cultivation. This lifestyle is an alternative for those who seek to live without directly or indirectly using products that are made from animals. Sometimes the choices extend beyond food to clothing as well.

There has been scepticism on whether vegan sweets can be delicious due to the absence of eggs or butter. Vegan desserts however, sometimes use substitutes such as avocados or bananas and this actually makes the treats not only healthier but as delicious!

Naturally I would propose using d:matcha's matcha as it is a rich source of dietary fibre and vitamin C. The richness of cheese you would typically find in a tiramisu can be replicated with avocado and tofu. Now let's get started with making a healthy tiramisu that you can easily make at home! I'm sure you'll want to eat this every day ♪

List of Ingredients (Approximately five cups)

Matcha cream:

・2 ea - Avocado

・4 tbsp - Maple syrup

・1 tbsp - Coconut oil

・3 tbsp - Matcha

・1 pinch - Salt

Tofu cream (Base):

・300g - Silken tofu

・2 tbsp - Maple syrup

Topping (Optional):

・Crushed almonds/nuts of your choice


① To first make the tofu cream base place the silken tofu and maple syrup into a food processor. Mix until the ingredients are well blended into a smooth paste. (Pictured above)

② Evenly divided the mixture among the five cups. Allow the cream to set.