Different ways of enjoying matcha; your favorite powdered green tea

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Matcha is an amazing ingredient which can be enjoyed in different ways. I present to you the most popular ways of enjoying matcha green tea.

1. Matcha Latte

 This is the most common way through which matcha is known and eaten across the world

2. Matcha ice cream

This is an easier form of tasting different green tea varieties like Sen-cha, Genmai-cha, houji-cha and many more.

3. Matcha iced noodles

4. Matcha parfait

5. Matcha Energy bar

6. Matcha rice flour cookies

7. Matcha souffle

8. Matcha financier (cake)

9. Matcha bread

10. Matcha bowl

This is the Japanese traditional way of enjoying matcha. One teaspoon of matcha is whisked in a bowl with a bamboo whisk and served with some sweets.

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