Our Story

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The team at d:matcha started with a vision rooted in an appreciation for the unique quality of Japanese tea and a desire to revitalise an industry threatened by Japan’s aging society. With a passion for authenticity and holistic innovation, we offer the highest quality Japanese green tea selections to current and future generations.

We started our journey by first being apprentices to those who have mastered the art of cultivating and manufacturing Japanese green tea. This allowed us to develop a personal connection with key figures from each step of the tea production process. From 2017, d:matcha staff started to cultivate our own tea farms in Wazuka.  The size of these tea farms reached roughly 3ha in 2020 Jan. 

​The terrain of Wazuka also works in favour of producing high quality green tea leaves. The natural fog covers the tea trees and reduces the amount of sunlight. Through leveraging the natural landscape, Wazuka is now well known in Japan for its high quality green tea leaves production.

As we produce and sell green tea leaves by ourselves, we are able to harvest only the highest quality organic tea leaves. We also respond to our customers's feedback by creating new editions and improving variations of our green tea product. Last but not least, we follow the rules of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fishery to ensure the highest standard and safety.

This spirit and dedication is the core of d:matcha's Japanese green tea. We hope you enjoy our craft.