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   Wazuka in Kyoto   


Kyoto, Japan

Did you know that the Japanese traditional expertise of Kiyomizu Pottery is the basis for innovations like semiconductors and liquid crystal displays? For over a millennium, Kyoto was the capital of Japan and it remains today as the cultural heart of Japan. With a tradition of exquisite craftsmanship in over 70 different crafts passed down through the generations, the Kyoto region offers new discovers around every corner – both geographically and conceptually.


A thousand years ago, the highest craftsmanship of that generation discover a region hidden in the mountains, with mornings shrouded in fog and soil rich in nutrients, ideal for the growth of the most exquisite and nuanced tea plants. Called Wazuka, or “Tea Utopia” by the Japanese, over 300 families have transformed this region with rows of evergreen tea plants. Over time, these families have kept the tradition of growing and producing the most authentic tea varieties, including matcha and Gyokuro. We invite you to visit us within this valley that is beautiful all year round – awakening in spring, filled with a rich green in summer, warm-colored in autumn, and sprinkled with occasional snowflakes during winter.

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