d:matcha in the media

There's a perfect cup of tea for everyone

At d:matcha we are always looking at new ways we can work together or collaborate with the community at large. This has guided how we approach our franchises and as ways in which we explore connecting with our audiences.

d:matcha's local and international presence

d:matcha Cebu

d:matcha has a presence not just in Kyoto, Japan, but also in Cebu, in the Philippines.


D:matcha's products have not only been showcased in Kintetsu-Nara department stores, but they have also often graced the premium mall's shopping catalogue.

Ogawa Coffee USA

D:matcha's matcha is used in the production of Ogawa Coffee USA's matcha flavoured goods!

Featured on:

Life Where I'm From

We had the opportunity

to bring the team from

"Life Where I'm From" and show them around our green tea fields in Wazuka, Kyoto!

Tokyo Weekender

Our cafe and tour experience was featured in Tokyo Weekender's choice for their perfect Kyoto Adventure.


Our tiramisu was featured on the nationwide televised programme

"土曜はナニする!?", which is also hosted by Yamachan.


Our tiramisu comparison set was featured on the Kanto-wide programme "バゲット" and tasted by Reina Triendl-san.


Our tiramisu was featured on the Kansai prefecture-wide televised programme "KBS京都".


Our tiramisu set was featured on
めざましテレビ] and eventually ranked number one among all the new summer sweets!

Up For A Cup

The d:matcha team hosted Up For A Cup, and showed them around the fields of Wazuka.