Online Tea Tasting

In a collaborative effort with our partners around the globe, d:matcha is now bringing the taste of Wazuka Town grown Japanese green tea right to you. From the creature comforts of your home, take part in either our Sencha or Matcha Online Tea Tasting class in the language of your choice.

Matcha Tasting Flight

Online Tea Tasting + Three different varieties of Wazuka-grown Matcha

Daiki Tanaka

Head Tea Instructor

Aside from being the founder of d:matcha,  Daiki is also a certified Japanese Tea Instructor. His passion for healthy living and respect for Japan’s culture is what drove him to build d:matcha into what is it today. Furthermore, Daiki is also the head tour guide, so rest assured that he knows what his tea better than the back of his hand!

Natsuki Shibayama

English Instructor


Formerly a customer of d:matcha, Natsuki's love for tea is what led her to join the team. She is also responsible for educating customers on the methods, as well as techniques ways of brewing sencha and matcha. She enjoys speaking to customers from all cultures and backgrounds, and is always ready to answer any questions you may have!

Lucie Pinzano

French Instructor

Once a d:matcha intern, Lucie now successfully runs her own tea business. In addition to running her own magazine on tea, she has also conducted tea workshops in France with Daiki and Natsuki.

The start of your matcha tasting flight will entail a short walkthrough the history of Japanese green tea and Wazuka, Kyoto. Once you are nicely settled in, and with all the necessary tools needed by your side, your guide will commence the session.

What will I be receiving for my Matcha Tasting Flight?

  • 20g of Matcha Samidori

  • 20g of Matcha Okumidori

  • 20g of Matcha Gokou

  • d:matcha's Magical Spoon

  • Matcha tasting guide chart

How will I receive the products needed for the Matcha Tasting Flight?

Upon signing up for the course, we will ship to you the three different varieties of Matcha, as well as any additional tools you may require. We aim to have these delivered to you within a week. You may schedule your preferred day and timing of the class prior to receiving the products.

Why is this course special?

In addition to receiving on the spot guidance from our tea experts, we will also provide supplementary material - such as a tasting guide chart - during the video session. Our team is ready on hand to answer any questions you may have following your lesson to ensure that no matter where you are, you'll always be able to enjoy the true quality of your tea.