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Through our conversations with our guests, we realise that there is a growing demand for organically produced Japanese green tea.

To meet this demand, d:matcha has decided to expand the production of our organic Japanese tea fields starting with the first flush/harvest this Spring 2020.


Currently less than 2% of tea produced in Japan is farmed organically. Aside from requiring a higher amount of investment and time, one challenge we need to tackle is not just producing organic tea, but organic tea that is delicious. Furthermore, we will require approximately three years to gain the official certification, and ideally hope to achieve this task by 2023.

For this project, we will be focusing our organic farming methods on three different cultivar (Yabukita, Okumidori, and Gokou) in the Yubune area of Wazuka, Kyoto. 

So come and join us for the next exciting phase of tea farming! We look forward to having you onboard.


★ The Product 

Cost: 4,200円 

Weekly content: We will be uploading weekly videos of our farming methods, as well as providing continuous updates on the conditions of your tea trees.


★ Adoption Process

We are planning to write all of our adopters' names on their own individual traditional small wooden plaque (絵馬/'ema'). These plaques will then be hung on the local shrine next to our tea fields. This is said to bring good luck!

★ Why am I paying for shipping fees?

Shipping fees are included in the final cost as once the tea has been harvested, we will ship a personalised bag of 40g of Yabukita, Okumidori, and Gokou, right to your doorstep.

★ Estimated delivery schedule

At the moment, the tea is roughly estimated to be ready for shipping from the middle of July. We will keep you posted should there be any changes in the delivery schedule.

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